Current film project

THE FOOL ON THE HILL (Narrenbühl) Documentary, 87 min

After 15 years of building his quirky and popular sculpture garden „Gnomengarten“, the Swiss artist Jürg U. Ernst decides to give up his life’s dream following a series of physical setbacks. This decision culminates in a happening where the largest sculpture is destroyed by a digger.
In this three-generation story, the director Miriam Ernst follows her father over 8 years. The film is an intimate portrait of the artist and his universe full of ideas delicately caught between dream and reality – and shows the creator’s struggle to reconcile the burden of maintaining his art with the creative freedom it provides him.


Release date: Summer 2020

IDDU - ISLAND STORIES Documentary, 90 min

Stromboli – a volcano island in transition between old traditions and modern times. An essayistic documentary film featuring island stories told from its inhabitants across four seasons.

Release date: 2022

Filmed Portraits

They say one image can show more than a thousand words — a film will show even more. 

I create sensitive and personal short film portraits for artists and individuals.

Do not hesitate to contact me.

Artist portrait about the cartoonist Heinz "Pfuschi" Pfister

"Die Suche nach der Pointe", 31 min, 2018

Artist portrait about the Bernese artist Oskar Weiss
DAS LÄCHELN DER LINIEN, 67 min, 2019. Leaflet

Working as a freelance director and cinematographer, based in Berne and Amsterdam